Resources for coupons, deals and bargains.


Bargain Hunter. Coupon Clipper. Enjoy travel, photography, Cape Cod. Intrigued by branding. I’ve chosen to start a blog in 2011 to share my great bargains and shopping tips with you! Also on Twitter @CoupWithMe or email me


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  1. Hi Emily! Welcome to blogger world! I just started mine a little over a month ago. So much fun and so many great deals out there! We vacationed in Cape Cod last summer – rented a cottage in S. Dennis and loved it! The water was a little cold since it was mid-June, but it was a nice relief from the Texas heat! We drove all over the Cape from Hyannis to Provincetown. We also spent a day in Boston. We fell in love with everything up there and hope to return soon. I will follow your blog and follow you on Twitter. You are welcome to visit my blog and follow me on Twitter too!

    • Hello Louise! Thanks for finding my blog! 🙂 I hope you enjoy the great deals and resources for saving money! 🙂

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